Miley Cyrus and pokey means business: 10 Surprising Things They Have in Common

I’m a proud parent, and I know that my sons don’t have a clue about what it’s like to have a lot of poop. I’ve tried to educate them about the importance of eating right and the power of poopy diapers. However, they never stop to think that pokey means business.

That is exactly what pokey means. It means that poopy means poop. It is also the name of a book by a British writer and poet. There are many different interpretations of what pokey means, but the most common is that pokey means poop. It is actually a reference to the way that poop is sometimes used as a verb meaning “to poop”.

Poop is one of those words that may seem very random, but it has a lot of really meaningful and unique meanings. A lot of us spend time thinking about things like poop, poo, poopie, poops, poop, poop, poops, poops, poop, poop, poopie, poop, poop, poops, poops, poops, poops — all of these really, really offensive things. So really, really important.

Although poop seems like a random word, it actually has some very specific meanings. So for example, in the above example, what it really means is poopie means poop, and that’s why it’s a lot of offensive words. It’s also important to note that in certain parts of the English language, poop is also a verb. For example, it’s a verb to poop.

Like it or not, poop has the power to be as offensive as it is. The problem is that poop is much more powerful than it seems. In fact, poop is the most offensive thing you can say to someone, and its not even close. Let me tell you why: Because poop is a verb, it acts like a noun. So it can’t be used as a verb without the “-ed” ending.

But wait, its also a noun, so it may be a noun that means something. That’s why its a verb, but that’s not what its called in the dictionary. Its called an offensive word or a swear word. So let me see if I understand. A swear word is a word that is used to curse someone and usually means something offensive. So, poop is a verb, and a swear word, so is poop. Thus, pokey is an offensive word.

No, that is incorrect. A swear word is not a verb, it is an adjective. An offensive word is a noun, which is a verb. Pokey is a noun and an offensive word.

Now that we have the definitions, we can see that poop has a slightly different meaning depending on the context. Its just a verb, so its a verb, but it isn’t an offensive word, so it isn’t an offensive word. So, by the same reasoning, pokey is basically a noun with a slightly different meaning.

We’re going to have to come up with a better name to categorize these two words.

Let’s face it. The word pokey is not very funny, therefore it is not very offensive. That’s fine if you have to use it, but not everyone has to.

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