funny business memes

There’s a lot of funny business out there these days—both in and out of our heads. We laugh at our own jokes, we laugh at others’ jokes, we try to make fun of others’ jokes, we laugh at ourselves, we laugh at the things we see and the things we hear. Humor isn’t just a one trick pony of yours and me.

Humor is an expression and a way of thinking. We all have our own different ways of making fun of ourselves and others. But it’s not as creepy as it sounds. There are a lot of memes out there that have no actual meaning whatsoever other than being funny. This is one of those memes.

The concept of memes is all there is to memes. Its all there, but its not all there.

Meme means a small picture, short story, or text that has a group of people or groups of people that are laughing at how stupid the person or group is. This is a meme because it is a group of people laughing at how stupid you are.

If you are familiar with the term, you have a basic understanding of what meme is. But I think you may not have the full, or even most of what you think is a full, understanding.

It’s a term used to describe a group of people, or group of people who share a laugh at the way the person(s) are stupid.

I think you may not understand the term completely, but I’m going to go ahead and share some of the first memes I came across. They are very simple and very funny.

The first meme I found was the term “Gone.” The funny part of this is that it is the last one on the list. The meme is supposed to be about a person who has gone. But it is a meme that is also about a person who did not go. And there are no people who went.

This meme is about the difference between having a go at something and not going at something. The person who is doing this meme has gone on and done something. And so the person who is doing this meme has gone. But not the person who hasn’t gone.

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