business deal crossword clue

I love crossword puzzles. They’re one of my favorite past times. Plus, they’re a great way to bond with my husband and my son.

But, since it’s a crossword, the easiest way to solve it is to have the words in just one place.

The crossword I have to solve right now is a business deal crossword, and it’s called the “Umbrella Deal.” In it, one of the letters is a letter A, and the word in the middle is “Umbrella.” And the word “deal” is one of the words in the middle. So the next word in the middle is “dealer.

The word dealer is one of the words in the middle of the crossword. So it is easy to solve the crossword. But it is still a puzzle. And a puzzle is, well, a big problem to solve. The next step is to find out what dealer means. In this case, it is the word “dealer,” which is a verb. So its a verb, and the next part is an adjective.

So what does dealer mean? We can see that the right-hand side of the word is a verb as well. So it is a verb, and it has a subject and a verb.

The word dealer, in this case, is a verb, so it is not a noun.

So the correct answer is dealer. It is a verb that means “to sell,” and the adjective is a noun, so its a noun, and it is a noun that means “dealer.

The next part is the word dealer. So it is a verb. So there will be three words: dealer, a verb, and a noun. The only other word that has that form is business deal. So the correct answer is business deal.

I have no idea what the word dealer is, but I have an idea what the word business deal is. I think it means something like to sell, or to buy something for money. The noun deal is just the two parts together. So the correct answer is a business deal.

So I think that’s it for the clue. I hope you enjoyed this “What’s on your mind?” post.

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