What Would the World Look Like Without administrative business partner?

We’re all just a little bit administrative business partners to each other and that’s great. But we’re not just a part of your business and you’re not just part of our business. You and I are a part of your business and you and I are a part of our business.

Well, not sure if this is exactly true, but I’m sure anyone reading this will have an answer at the end of this…

I mean, I’m a big fan of the Administrative Partner concept but I still think its a little bit too much. It’s like I can’t be 100% sure if I am my boss. And I’m also not sure if your boss is going to want to be 100% sure because it puts your employee’s job in question.

Its a common assumption that employees have the right to do what their boss wants them to do, but not always. The reality is that being your boss is not always a guarantee that you will be happy with the outcome. For example, in my case I had to change my boss, and I did. But, it wasn’t because he wasn’t happy with my work. In fact it was because he didn’t want to be my boss at all.

This story from Lifehacker shows the extent to which employees can change jobs without asking permission. We were offered a position working with another company for 5.5 years when we were both at our respective companies. We were both happy with the job, and we both wanted to stay with the other company. However, we were both at our companies in different cities, and we both needed to be closer to each other, and we both wanted to work with other people.

That’s why I’m writing this story. My friend asked me if I would be willing to work with him for a bit and move our offices together. We’d both like to keep our jobs, but I wanted to move to a company that would be closer to my home so that I could be closer to my friends.

I’m glad we both got out of our companies. We both have great jobs and great lives, and we both wanted to be closer to each other.

Ok, I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses, but I also don’t want to sound like I’m being disrespectful. I’m just as guilty of not wanting to move to a company that I can be closer to my friends as I am of not wanting to be closer to my friends.

There are always exceptions to anyone’s preferences. I don’t want to be closer to my job right now. But that doesn’t mean I should be completely ungrateful for having a job. I’m grateful for a job which allowed me to stay close to my friends and family.

Maybe you should look for a job that pays you $100k and then live in your parents basement for a year.

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